Go to log in and click the tab that says ‘forgot password’. Enter your email and chose send new password. Check your email and follow the instructions to retrieve and set up the new password.

Family Connect uses a 3rd party company to run background checks. Family connect has to pay for the screening, therefore it is not refundable.

Yes, you can discontinue your membership by going to your preferences and choosing “deactivate account.”
However, if you do this during the limited time offer, free sign up and decide you want to re-sign up in the future you will have to pay the membership fee and pay to have the background check re-screened.

In the preferences, there is a box marked “make public” check mark that box and your background check will be viewable to the public.

Click the preferences tab in the upper right hand corner.

Yes, you are able to trade time with any other families on the site. The badges represent your best possible match based on your parenting styles.

There is no limit to how many times you swap, as long as you are able to complete your reservation with each family.

The personal information is private and only used to determine other families in your proximity.